OCEANA RESIDENCES – Does not get much better

Oceana residences in Miami were designed as those who would call it home, were kept in mind. These residences can be best described as paradise as these homes which are a village on an island are proud of the beauty that comes with the island and the ease that comes with the village. Beach clubs have also added color to these picturesque residences giving the residents that enjoy luxury and intimacy something to truly cherish.
The 142 condominiums at Oceana residences are the newest to be built in nearly a decade and give residents a chance to own a home in one of the most distinguished communities of Miami. There are also 12 villas that are luxurious that are adjacent to the condominiums and are located on the last available oceanfront site available on Oceana residences. The units rage from 1800 SF to 7500 SF. They also have a low density of 154 units on a 10.3 acres site.


Oceana residences bring with them a new definition of luxury with the palms that stately line the ground and glass balconies that wrap around the buildings. There is also the pool deck which invites one to exhale on the lounge, take a deep breath and enjoy that piece of the ocean that is only exclusive to Oceana residences. Oceana residences are not only proud of their outdoor beauty but also their interiors. Theses interiors feature art pieces that are distinctive, earth tones that contrast and ceilings that create a first impression that is stunning. There are also floors made of light wood and stone that is exposed. Kitchens too have modern features and contain state of the art appliances as well as cabinets of Euro-style. Master baths are a wonderful experience and feel airy and open which is a feeling like that of walking on the beach. Other facilities at Oceana residences are restaurants, a spa/sauna, a fitness center and an art gallery, amenities one can’t live without. An experience at Oceana residences may make it that second home which one may never want to leave!

Tips For Buying Luxury Real Estate In Miami and Surrounding Areas

For most people, Miami conjures up images of white beaches, plenty of sunshine and a buzzing nightlife. With all Miami has going for it; it’s no wonder that the luxury real estate market in Miami is booming. People with deep pockets are flocking there to take advantage comparably low home prices and get a prime piece of property. And even if you can’t find a luxury house for sale in Miami that fits your tastes, you can also try nearby Miami Beach.
Finding the right house in or around Miami will take a little digging, and you will probably need to enlist the help of a professional real estate agent. Before you do that, however, it’s best to decide if you want to live in a single-family home or a luxury condo. In a single-family home you are responsible for the upkeep of the property, whereas in a luxury condo, the condo association will take care of keeping the property as pristine as possible. Also keep in mind that if you have kids, a condo might not have a large outdoor play area.

If you’re looking for real estate outside the Miami market, then it might be worth considering looking for luxury properties in Fort Lauderdale, which is approximately 23 miles north of Miami. Like Miami, Fort Lauderdale boosts an active nightlife and plenty of recreation in and around the water. Another option for luxury real estate in Florida is Boca Raton, which is also north of Miami.

Whether you’re looking for a luxury house in Miami, Miami Beach, Boca Raton or Fort Lauderdale, it’s important to research the area. If you have children, look at the quality of the schools. What kind of neighbors will you have? In other words, get to know the area you want to live to make sure you’ll be happy there and it fits all your needs.

Get Expert Guidance to Buy and Sell Miami Luxury Real Estate with Confidence

Buying a multi-million dollar house for sale in Miami that is perfect for you is a little stressful to do on your own if you have never made such a purchase before. The last thing the buyer wants is to make a mistake and buy the wrong property. If you own luxury real estate that you want to sell, you also want to avoid mistakes. It really takes a dedicated real estate specialist that knows all the ins and outs about buying and selling Miami luxury real estate.
This is an area where the Cohen team luxury real estate specialists excel. They help guide and advise their clients so they can buy or sell south Florida real estate with confidence. Clients of the Cohen team are given expert advice and guidance from start to finish in every real estate transaction. The Cohen real estate team has the experience and expertise needed when buying or selling multi-million dollar homes.

The Cohen team of luxury real estate specialists are ready, willing, and waiting to show interested buyers prime Miami luxury real estate for sale. Some of the most sought after locations include Fort Lauderdale real estate, Boca Raton real estate and real estate Miami Beach. If you really want to make an excellent purchase in Florida waterfront real estate, you now have the option to invest in a prime area for the rich and famous, located in Bal Harbour. Just ask the Cohen team to show you the information they have available on the Bal Harbour homes and condos they have listed now.

Talk about living in a gorgeous home with a panoramic view. An Oceana condo will fit the requirements of anyone who is tastefully rich, yet fun loving and active. Anyone would love these prestigious Miami Beach apartments that are for sale are the now listed Oceana residences. Why not make your reservation to save your spot for the December 2016 opening by contacting Cohen team real estate specialists today?

Miami Luxury Real Estate – Making Dreams Come True

Most people say that when they retire they want to buy a house for sale in Miami that they can live out the rest of their years living in beautiful surroundings. You do not have to wait until you retire though. There are plenty of nice homes in Miami that people can afford when they are still young and raising a family.
Great buying opportunities await those who want to invest in Miami luxury real estate too. There are multi-million dollar homes on the market all the time. Some of the best buys for luxury real estate properties are available in Miami Beach. In fact, Real estate Miami Beach is always a good investment, even in a slowed economy, but prices are on the rise again, so if you are looking for luxury real estate do not wait too long if you still want to get a good return on your investment. Expect to find multimillion dollar homes with every amenity you can imagine.
Fort Lauderdale is real estate is also an excellent area to look at for anyone who wants to move to Florida. Buying Miami Luxury real estate can make your dreams come true. Investors can also find plenty of properties available that they can use for rentals. Many investors buy up homes for sale here and rent them out to vacationers. Another excellent choice is Boca Raton real estate, which is a glorious area situated along the beach.
If you love leisurely and luxurious living, and want to find dinning, and lots of shopping, and beautiful golf courses, contact one of the Cohen team luxury real estate agent for more information on buying homes for sale in Miami Beach and surrounding areas. Cohen team luxury real estate agents are happy to work with anyone interested in finding luxury living by showing the what is available in real estate for sale in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton and other popular communities in southern Florida today.